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Grafton Abbott and family of Rangeley are spending the summer at Megansett.

Bowen Tufts of Strat- ford road are at Allerton this sum- mer.

■ WINCHESTER, MASS., FRIDAY, JUL* 4 1924 PRICE SEVEN CENTS — 3 a | 3 _ aaa ri: fffl&t Ml (T 1 CAPTURED HOUSE BREAK ERS Police Mad, ( Two of!

)""' ■ 'fl BSOLo TCLV' we'Rf SPENDi Nfe Mone y Hi&h T ) fli.o Nc- To Fftove it! Vernon street, was struck in front of Gargas' fruit store by an automobile driven by Edward D. Miss Elizabeth • Mary Carney of Sheridan circle and Mr.

CONTAGIOUS DISEASE List of contagious disease for week ending Wednesday July 2, 1924: 1 Case Lobar Pneumonia. Agent of Board of Health A daughter was born last week to Mr.

Charles Lowe, Charlestown, dwell- ing and garage at 8 Fenwick road.

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f ^« t i* a ^ 'i^ J '/^ If « « II V II If ( r wo«i)Fs ' /7; ) what J)0f S ) ap B, MAM That 1 ^vj P wfl TE R io ' J M T I UT H Y 1 Ar* WHAT'S if COMf THOSE •'Eli Tl Orti f i S it Poke ? t r t C - ( 'ryi Wf— IP, Jim I M 17 iff WE Wo-rv DE t? Thomas Mearls, a nine-year-old boy living at 100 Mt. Simon for a bruised right ankle, and taken to his home.

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