Chelsea wanstrath dating

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Chelsea wanstrath dating

Jen Schefft returned after her breakup with Andrew Firestone to sift through her own batch of suitors. Jerry Ferris did propose to her after she finally decided he was better than runner-up John Paul Merritt during the live final episode, but she rejected his proposal.

Actor (and Jerry O'Connell's little brother) Charlie O'Connell did not propose to Sarah Brice at the end of his season. They broke up in 2007, got back together in 2008, then broke up again in 2010.

"Right now, Chris, we just want to bring our lives together," Bryan told Chris Harrison.

For a refresher of how every season in the franchise has ended, keep on scrolling!Love is in the air...sometimes..a few months, at least.Season after season of TV's most romantic reality show have come and gone. Most of them..let's just say it's the journey that counts.Byron proposed to Mary Delgado, who also competed in season four, in Spanish so that her Cuban parents could understand.She accepted, but they never actually married before breaking up in 2009.

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