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If you’re dating a Coloradan, they won’t be hesitant about showing you this same passion. That being said, your Coloradan lover might have a pup in tow.

At first, you’ll probably struggle with stealing their time away from their furry friend, but having a new canine pal in your life is totally worth having to make date reservations for 3.

With so many awesome venues around Colorado, including the world-renowned Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Coloradans get their fair share of artists putting on shows in the state.

If you’re dating a Coloradan, you’ll never have to fight over what’s pumping through the speakers, your biggest concern will be whether or not they’ll share their i Tunes library with you.

If you’re dating a Coloradan, they’ll never argue when you try to get a little closer under the sheets.

You’ll never be happier than when you’re dating a Coloradan.

Coloradans grow up outside, being taught to love nature from birth.

If you’re dating a Coloradan, don’t expect them to complain if they get a little mud on their shoes while the two of you are off exploring.

It’s no secret that Coloradans have a passion for great tasting craft beer.Gun ownership is no rarity in the Centennial State.If you’re dating a Coloradan and things get a bit creepy, they won’t hesitate to do what it takes to help settle your nerves. In a state with so many cold months out of the year, Coloradans are no strangers to using body heat for a little warmth.There’s a great chance that your Coloradan sweetheart knows a thing or two about snow sports.Whether they ski, snowboard, or both, they’ll definitely be down to give you a few tips.

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Through many years of white winters, Coloradans have been trained for generations not to let the snow slow them down.

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