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Complete idiot guide to online dating

Thai people are super friendly to foreigners as well as amongst themselves.

If there's one reason why I keep living in Thailand it's because of how friendly Thai people really are.

The truth is the reason why 2 people are employed to do the job of one person is because Thai people are so lazy if they have to work hard, they'd rather not work at all, they are more likely to take a day off so employers are forced to hire two people for the same job. Take for example the case of the ambulance, you'll never see Thai drivers pulling to the side of the road to allow the ambulance to get through, they wouldn't even do it for a police car let alone an ambulance, it can't be because everyone in Thailand is in such a hurry, they simply don't care, they only care about themselves.

Thai people have just as much opportunity to advance their own country than China does, yet they are far behind, why, because Thai people are lazy. Yes this is because Thai people are too lazy to get a bin, if they get a bin they will have to clean the bin because people throw waste into it, they are too lazy to do that so instead they'll just throw the trash on the side of the street and wait for the government to pick it up, oh yeah you only pay 30 baht a month to have a bin also but instead they pay nothing so they don't have to deal with any of it. Another great example of how Thai people are selfish is how they are always late.

There are North, South, Eastern, and central Thai people.

Thai people even have a saying about what they are like depending on where you come from a Thai person would say Northern Thai people are lazy, Southern Thai people are bad news, Central Thai people are selfish, Eastern Thai people only care about money.

Some people really love the sensation of a dam against their pubic area." Plus, better awkward and safe than less-awkward and sorry. This way, they're still on their way to Orgasm City, but you also won't feel like you're getting lockjaw. There is no one tried and true way to get every single person off.

This is bad manners in any country and if you did that in America or Australia the person behind the counter wouldn't serve you and you'd get a black eye from the person you cut in front of.

Most Thai people are very friendly and have no qualms about talking to strangers as long as you don't look like a deadbeat or drunk.

The good part though Thai people are very friendly.

When I think about cunnilingus, I feel a lot of feelings.

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The majority of Thai people come from the countryside of Thailand, therefore to get a good idea of what Thai people are really like we can start there.

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