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After a relationship ends, 48 percent of twentysomethings admit to “checking up on” exes’ social-media profiles.

(“Implicit finding: the other 53 percent are lying,” Hess argues that the surge in Facebook-integrated dating apps like Tinder are “a stopgap solution wedged between the online dating ghettos and the full integration of the Internet into our romantic lives.” I would argue that we’re basically already there, and the new normal includes dating apps and websites.

Though only one in three “single and looking” adults use dating websites, half have used the Internet to flirt.

Functionally, I’d say the difference between meeting a man on and meeting him at a party then aggressively stalking his social-media profiles before tracking down his e-mail address to request a date is pretty minor.

(She’s also pretty endearing.) They ended up sharing a drink.

After some initial discomfort with the idea of “meeting online,” my Missed Connections friend no longer cares whether her relationship began in person or on a screen.

Her reluctance is understandable, though: Though 29 percent of adults know someone who found a long-term partner online, Pew found that 21 percent still believe “people who use online dating are desperate.” Thirteen percent of people who actually novel, let us not forget that singletons self-describing as desperate is a celebrated tradition.

If the opposite of desperation is nonchalance, then online dating and its clinical algorithms are probably more desperate than, say, a pair of beautiful strangers locking eyes across a crowded subway.

But the truth is likely buried deeper in Pew’s online dating statistics.

Most obviously, I like that you can stalk your prey from the comfort of your bed.

I also like the increased options, and that apps get you out of your social scene, because even in New York City it’s surprising how quickly you can use up your resources.

The responses were not what I had hoped—I’m pretty sure that everyone thought I was creepily desperate or a prostitute.

Then for a while I circled around groups of men, all of whom ignored me. The one guy I did manage to say hello to—he was waiting for the bathroom, on his phone—just responded, “Sorry, I’m writing an email.” It was such a bizarre experience; I couldn’t tell if I’d become so dependent on dating apps that I’d literally lost the ability to talk to a stranger in a bar, or if it really is just an extremely difficult and awkward thing to do.

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The line between online and IRL online dating is so porous that some couples disagree on the genesis of their relationship.