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Ok, sure, theres a BBQ war, and a basketball war, but at the heart of it we never forget our Esse Quam Videri.’ To be rather than to seem.’ So yeah, we might get passionate about what is important to us, but this doesen’t mean we’re crazy or anything, but…

And if Grandma serves you those collard greens you better LOVE them. With so many talented, famous musicians hailing from this great state, it comes naturally to us. Its a grand ole’ time and you can catch one of these babies from the mountains to the coast.

Luckily everyone loves the Panthers, and the Hurricanes. Did I mention North Carolinians are extremely laid back?If we get tired of porch-watching we’ll make sure to go to a park or at least go for a walk because… Sure we boast about our state, our friends and our family.David Alan Harvey / National Geographic With so many options TO be active, we love to catch a wave, hit the ski slopes, hike a mountain, try out rock climbing, run a 5k, even just do some yoga or take a dance class. It’s not just musicians, but artists, writers, filmmakers, philosophers, and great thinkers that come from this amazing state. Winston-Salem is noted as the ‘arts capital’ and celebrity sightings aren’t rare because… Mainly because North Carolinians are taught to always have pride but never be prideful. Even if you meet us in a big city where we’ve decided to start a new life, we’ll always be North Carolinians at heart. We can move to another country and will still miss, remember, and talk about how great our home is.We love to share music, find music, listen to music, oh and… We love catching a concert, drinking a cold craft beer on the lawn, kicking back and jamming out. Wikipedia We have whole parties dedicated to roastin’ a pig.Our mommas, grandmas and aunts can all make some killer casseroles, biscuits, fried chicken, green beans, grits…ok, is anyone else getting hungry or is it just me?

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You’re going to learn something called, Porch Sitting 101. Oh look, theres Billy’s red truck, bet he’s going to the Circle K.

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