Flex bindable variable not updating

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Flex bindable variable not updating

The Flex compiler will generate a public getter and setter for you which will contain all of the code necessary to make data binding work.

Alternatively, you can attach the However, classes/properties or variables, such as primitive variables, that are not marked [Bindable] do not implement that interface.

You will find that although you do not need to bind the String since it is a one-time assignment, the compiler still generates code to accommodate binding of the property.

Additionally, there are cases where you want to unbind after the assignment or remove the binding code to reduce overhead, but you will not be able to do so using the tag in MXML or curly braces to easily implement binding; however, there is overhead associated with these methods.

When you change the default constant, the Flex compiler will NOT generate code and you are responsible for dispatching the event yourself. If you don't change the default constant, every [Bindable] property will dispatch the public static const EVENT_CHANGED_CONST: String = "event Changed Const"; private var _number: Number = 0; [Bindable(event=EVENT_CHANGED_CONST)] public function get number(): Number public function set number(value: Number) : void The code above assigns a static property to the event name, and then uses the same assignment to dispatch the event.

However, when the value changes, the binding does not appear to work.

Not only does the binding not work, but no errors are shown.

The code that implements the binding mechanism requires several conditions to be met before the binding will occur.

You will be able to see them using the debug option of the binding manager.

It is a good idea to make sure you are using it correctly and only when needed.

In this article, I've compiled a list of ten common pitfalls and mistakes that developers are susceptible to when building an application that uses data binding.

Additionally, you cannot unbind properties using these techniques.

If you are optimizing a high-performance application, you can use the Binding Utils class to bind your objects.

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Exceptions and errors that are thrown by binding expressions, or in binding functions called within the binding framework, are silently captured.

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