Mass dating

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The Mass Super-Empowering Event serves to kick start the series (The Event usually happens in act 1 or 2 of the pilot) and provide a handy reason for the entire cast to get super powers.The Event can be technological, mystical, accidental, deliberate or unexplained, but it always serves as a tangible link between the heroes and villains.

The thought was just there, scrolling like a marquee across my burgeoning consciousness as I rolled half-asleep from the bed and launched into my morning routine.

A sister trope to Meta Origin, in which multiple seemingly unrelated super-empowerings are retconed into having a common origin.

I woke up this morning with those words running through my mind.

I’ve seen people text during the consecration of the Host, apply lotion before going up to receive the Holy Eucharist in the hand, and even turn around in the pew and hold a conversation with the person behind them while the priest is at the lectern fighting to save their souls with his homily. One thing, perhaps the primary thing, that I think makes the Catholic Church so unpopular in America these days is its grounding in a time before our culture enshrined narcissism as a core value.

Unlike myriad New Age gurus out there preaching some ego-stroking version of or so many Protestant mega-churches (and their small town imitators) that twist worship into a crowd-pleasing, “people-centered” entertainment event, or even those fire and brimstone “Bible Churches” that urge obsession with one’s individual sin and salvation ), the Catholic Mass invites us to check our egos at the door. I love this definition of Humility or humbleness is a quality of being courteously respectful of others.

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