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Radio union catalonia online dating

Presenting the company's earnings for the first time in the city of Valencia, CEO Gonzalo Gortazar declined to give details on the value of the withdrawn deposits, but said the losses had 'been reversed' and the bank continued to grow.

Gortazar said the headquarters relocation was definitive.

Also on Tuesday Caixabank, Spain's third-largest bank, reported it suffered a 'moderate' but temporary run on deposits due to the crisis over the region's independence bid.

The ban until recently was based in Catalonia, but transferred its headquarters to the Valencia region on October 6.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy left the nation breathless when he announced the steps he wants to take to crush the separatist movement in the prosperous Catalonia region.

Rajoy called on Spain's Senate on Saturday to trigger a previously untapped section of the constitution that allows the central government to temporarily intervene in the running of a region if its leaders have broken the law.

The Catalan parliament will meet again on Thursday to agree a response to direct rule Puigdemont and his government have called for civil disobedience to defy Spain's direct rule move but have not publicly discussed exile.

We need something worthy of a head of government.'Thousands of Catalan speakers live across the border in France, mainly in the eastern Pyrenees region along the Mediterranean Coast, territory ceded to France by Spain in the 17th Century.Activating the constitutional authority granted by Article 155 is Madrid's boldest response so far to avowals from Catalonia's leaders to declare independence based on an Oct. There are some of the regional powers Rajoy is seeking by triggering Article 155: First and foremost, Rajoy wants to remove the members of Catalonia's pro-independence regional government.Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, vice president Oriol Junqueras, and the 12 regional ministers claim Catalonia is sovereign and not subject to Spanish law.Puigdemont has so far remained silent on the matter of an election but an ally of his pro-independence government said he was actively considering this option.Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, the Spanish government spokesman and education minister, said Catalan police would be used to stop protests threatening public order, despite regional officials calling for 'mass civil disobedience''We have evidence this is currently on the table,' Carles Riera, a Catalan politician for the anti-capitalist CUP party, told a news conference.

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Regional president Puigdemont will have the chance to argue his case before the Senate on Thursday before it holds a vote expected Friday.

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