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Yoursdating ru

Allissa Chambers Austinites Lobbying for Municipal Accountability Wondering About Baker Review Dear sirs, Jim Caligiuri's review of Sam Baker's new album, Pretty World [“Texas Platters," Music, Aug. TAIZE SERVICE A meditative blend of music, words, and silence.

They are more likely an affirmation, as well as a projection of irony.

After all, what good are our tax dollars if the city of Austin turns a blind eye to legitimate questions raised by its citizens? TOP DRAWER THRIFT STORE ANNIVERSARY PARTY (See Gay Place.) Noon-6pm. So come get your couches, your blenders, and your picture frames with inspirational sayings!

I’d also imagine that with all the money saved by “cleaning house,” there’d be plenty money left over to supplement the current proposed mea- ger 7% allowance for Human Services.

If I have to be assaulted by the visual of your dog squatting and preparing for that dump, the least that your lazy ass should do is pick that crap up. Hilder also announced this week's debut of a new billboard at 38th Street and 1-35 to kick-start a new spay/neuter campaign. Sign up to speak ever-so-briefly on the search during a public hearing at 3pm in council chambers. lawmakers are calling for an investigation into the 2006 shooting death of freelance journalist Brad Will, who was gunned down while videotaping a vio- lent protest in the streets of Oaxaca, Mexico. COOCHIE COO GETAWAY GIVEAWAY & QUEERAOKE WITH K8 Come on out and lubricate your vocal cords, and of course, don’t miss next week's huge drawing for our fabulous weekend getaway, including: Two tickets to HRC’s Dinah Lakeshore event, Sat., Sept. 1-35, in Austin (nontransferable dates/loca- tions); a 0 gift card to Uchi; and a Wascally Wabbit “educational model” gift basket courtesy of Forbidden Fruit and The Austin Chronicle's Kill-a-Watt Challenge.

Rally participants included members of of the Spay Austin Coalition, Blue Dog Rescue, and Fix Joe Beal, CEO and general manager of the Lower Colorado River Authority, announced he'll leave his job in mid-January - not a moment too soon. Police opened fire on the crowd - and Will - in a chaotic scene captured in the final frames of Will’s film. 8, courtesy of Human Rights Campaign; a two-night stay ( Fri .-Sat.

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Clint Smith’s (letter to the editor) question [“Postmarks,” Aug. ” Is the rumor true, that in spite of the city of Austin's promise that all of the $55 mil- lion affordable-housing bond funds would go to housing, the city of Austin nonetheless intends to create five new staff positions with part of these funds? 5 commentary (“It’s city budget time and the spinning is easy"), isn’t there an influx of chronically vacant city of Austin positions anyway?